BoMuse News, October, 2020

BoMuse News, vol. 19, no. 10

BoMuse News is a monthly newsletter from BoMuse Music. It presents items of interest related to jazz, and advocacy for music education, as well as news of releases from BoMuse Music and the performing activities of Paul Combs.  For questions or comments contact Paul at this Website.

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1. Correction – Better News Re: Arts Ed.
2. YouTube
3. Gigs?

1. I spoke too soon in the last issue. Fortunately, the arts education community is working to cope with the current situation. Arts Empower, a program of San Diego County Dept., of Education has a virtual replacement for its annual Mega Conference, and you can get more information here.

Also after I had sent out the last issue I was happy to receive an email from Arts For Learning San Diego, who are carrying on with virtual programs, while we work through this crisis

2. I will have to suspend monthly YouTube uploads, while I take care of some copyright issues. But in the meantime, here are some recommendations for your viewing, if you like gong to YouTube.

I have been deepening my understanding of the the drums in jazz by watching some instructive videos. While it is too late in the day for me to take up the drum set, I have long been able to respond to what the drummer is doing, and these have taken me deeper into how the drummer does what he or she does. Master drummer Michael Carvin’s short videos on the rudiments of drumming are easy to understand and are not only good for beginning drummers, but will enhance the listener’s understanding of what the drummer is doing. The rudiments are for the drummer what scales and arpeggios are for other musicians.

You might have to poke around, but there are some analyses of great drummers work that are not too technical, where you can see the application of the rudiments, and get a better idea of why what you hear in a drummer’s solo makes sense to you, even if you are not sure as to why. Here is one very good online drum teacher, Aubry Dayle, and while he is addressing drummers, I think this can help even the non-player jazz lover gain some insight. He is discussing a famous intro played by Philly Joe Jones on a Miles Davis recording.

Also in my YouTube explorations I came across an extended interview with Philly Joe Jones. This is part of a series only very recently uploaded, and there are others with important jazz musicians.

I fear the copyright stuff will take some time to work out. It involves asking questions in emails and waiting, sometimes for a week or two, for answers, so I will have some more recommendations in the next issue.

3. Still, other than an occasional private party, I have not much to say for myself. We continue to look into a live stream from one of the venues where I play from time to time, but until they give the “go-ahead” I would rather not say more. Keep you “ear to the ground” and support the folks who are managing to stream.

As always, thank you for supporting LIVE MUSIC!