BoMuse News, June 2021

BoMuse News, vol. 20, no. 5


BoMuse News is a monthly newsletter from BoMuse Music. It presents items of interest related to jazz, and advocacy for music education, as well as news of releases from BoMuse Music and the performing activities of Paul Combs.

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1. The Nash Gig!

2. JJA 2021 Awards

3. California Jazz Foundation

4. Videos

5. Gigs


1. As reported, The Nash had to reschedule a few of the Nash Under The Stars concerts, mine among them. We, Jude Poorten, Max Beckman, Sam Russo, and I, will now play at The Nash itself, 100 E. Roosevelt St., Phoenix AZ, on Friday June 11. We will be playing two shows, and 7:00 and 9:00 MST (yes Mountain Standard Time). If you are nowhere near Phoenix, you can “attend” via the live stream. The program is built around the relationship between jazz and movie music, both movie music that we have found interesting to play, and movie music composed by jazz musicians. It is exciting to be playing at this first-class venue, and to finally be getting back to a more normal performing environment. Although, it should be noted that the reason for two shows is the need for half capacity seating at The Nash. 

Again, while most of you reading this are at a distance from Phoenix, the shows will be streamed live.


2. Last month the Jazz Journalist Association announced its Jazz Heroes awards, for local activists who support the music and musicians. This month, or actually a few days after the last issue, they announce the rest of their awards. There are lots of awards, since even though the mainstream media and the industry consider jazz to be marginal, the jazz community is really rather large, and alive. Since the JJA Website is a little tricky to navigate, you can find the awards for Performance and Recordings here, and the Journalism Awards here. 

 The Jazz Journalists Association (JJA) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation that supports the creation and dissemination of accurate, balanced, ethical and informative journalism on all of jazz’s genres and encourages the creative use of media to spur the growth, development and education of the audience for jazz. (Read JJA’s full statement here)


3. The California Jazz Foundation supports California jazz musicians in need, much like the American Jazz Foundation, except just for musicians in this state. The are having a fund raising Gala on June 6, which includes an online silent auction, to which I have donated a couple of items. Rather than try to explain it all I will quote the CJF:

In 2006, The California Jazz Foundation was founded to assist California’s jazz musicians in financial and / or medical crisis. To raise funds for this important cause, the Foundation commenced an annual fundraiser – Give the Band a Hand!

Please join us on Sunday, June 6, 2021 at 6:00 PM as we honor Tim Jackson, Artistic Director of the Monterey Jazz Festival, and Artistic Director and Co-Founder of Kuumbwa Jazz in Santa Cruz; and pay tribute to the memory of beloved jazz pianist, composer, and arranger Horace Silver.

Hosted by: LeRoy Downs

Special guests and performers include Billy Childs, John Clayton, Gerald Clayton, Peter Erskine, Russell Ferrante, Lee Ritenour, Darynn Dean, Scott Tixier, and Alonzo Bodden, with more to be announced in the coming weeks.

Our VIRTUAL evening will include several musical tributes, heartfelt accolades, and entertaining presentations as we raise funds to support California musicians in critical financial and / or medical need. This year, more than any other, we must support those who have given us so much joy, often with so little in return.


4. Between getting ready for the June 11 gig at The Nash, and then my trip to Spain to cover the Jazzaldia Festival for KSDS and All About Jazz, I still have not been able to finish any editing of videos. However, I have started a new series of videos which I will be posting, probably later this summer, after I get back from Spain. This is projected to be a long term project with interviews with musicians about how they became musicians. In the case of those who are also teachers, I will be asking for their thoughts on the changes since the days when jazz musicians learned most of their craft on the bandstand; those days when there was a lot more live music performance, and most musicians worked four to six nights a week. I have recorded one of these, and hope to do at least a couple more before my trip. Of course, if time and opportunity permit, I would like to do as many as possible while at the festival. I may also be able to put up a couple of segments from the Jazz and the Movies show at the Nash. Anyone who has edited video will understand why  I haven’t been able to get anything new up for a while. One needs not only time, but quality time for the task. If you are new here, my channel is Paul Combs – BoMuse


5. Gigs

Aside from my gig at The Nash, mentioned above, we are back at the Carlsbad Village Faire, located at Carlsbad Village Dr. and Carlsbad Blvd. (US 101), on Wednesday afternoons from 2:30-4:40. It’s Dene Davidson’s gig, with Dene on bass, Joey Carano, guitar, and me, sax and flute. I’ll be away in Phoenix on 6/9, but Dene and Joey will be there. I’ll be on hand until the two weeks at the end of July when I go to Spain. Dene and I will be at Jazzy Wishbone, 234 S. Coast Highway, Oceanside, CA, Tuesday, June 1, 6-9PM and as a special treat, we will be joined by Bob Weller on drums. Details at the Events page here on my Website. 

In San Diego visit the Calendar section at Jazz88.3 and pick up a copy of the Troubadour. If you are in Boston check the listings at Jazz Boston, visit the Seacoast Jazz Society Website, and now in Brookline, the Post Underground – reopening later this month, and where ever you are go join All About Jazz so you can receive their Jazz Near You notices.

As always, thank you for supporting LIVE MUSIC!