As Leader:

Unknown Dameron – Rare and Never Recorded works of Tadd Dameron            Summit Records DCD 749 (2019)                                                      Pocket Big Band – Live At The Chit Chat, Sea Breeze Jazz 3073 (2004).
BeBop Christmas Card, BoMuse Transcriptions BTCD 1004 (2000).
Moon & Sand,  BoMuse Transcriptions BTCD 1003 (1998).
The Things You All Are, BoMuse Transcriptions BTCD 1002 (1997).
Hawk’s Delight, BoMuse Transcriptions BTCD 1001 (1980, 90, 91,        92).

As Sideman:

Gillian De Lear: Genie In A Bottle, private issue, saxophones (2012)

Bob Franke: Brief Histories, Flying Fish FF70495 (Boston Music Award nominee), soprano saxophone (1989).
Love Can’t Be Bitter All The Time, Philo/Fretless 116, baritone saxophone, flute, bass (1975).

Sleepy LaBeef: Electricity, Rounder 3070, tenor saxophone (1982).

Robert Jr. Lockwood & Johnny Shines: Mr. Blues Is Back To Stay, Rounder 2026, tenor saxophone (1981).

Mary McCaslin: Way Out West, Philo 1011, bass (1972).

Les Messager De La Nouvelle Alliance: Eklesias, private issue, tenor saxophone, (2004).
Recomfort, private issue, tenor saxophone, (2008).

John Michaels: Yesterdays Heroes, Raven 710032 (Boston Music Award winner), tenor saxophone (1995).

Musicians of Greater Newburyport: The First Grog Album, Joppa Jump 1001, soprano and tenor saxphone (1981, 82).

Danny Tucker: True To The Root, Twigzee Dee 1029496, tenor saxophone (1996).



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