Joe Ciavardone, Rest In Peace

Trombonist Joe Ciavardone died last week. He was a veteran of many of the finest big bands of the post WWII Era, and a friend. If you knew Joe and would like to leave a comment in the online memorial guest book for him you can do so here.

I was asked by the editor of the magazine of AFM Local 802 in New York to write a remembrance of Joe. Since most of you reading this are not members of 802, I will repeat it here, with some minor changes.

I met Joe for the first time in the late 90s through a couple of mutual friends. I was working on my biography of Tadd Dameron, Joe had something he wanted to share with me. Continue reading Joe Ciavardone, Rest In Peace

Svend Asmussen to be honored

The following comes courtesy of Bob Seymour of WUSF/Tampa, FL. Again, apologies for not posting this in a timely manner, since the Festival mentioned her has past.

“Broadcasters who follow the jazz birthday calendar may have noticed that violinist Svend Asmussen turned 96 last week.  We got together last weekend to enjoy a night of live music in Sarasota, where Svend and his wife Ellen have spent recent winters, and where Svend will be honored this Saturday night at the 32nd Sarasota Jazz Festival.”

“A very brief sketch:  Svend shared the stage with Fats Waller, and with his idol, Stuff Smith, who became a good friend.  He collaborated with Goodman and Ellington, and led the very popular Swe-Danes Trio.  And worked with the many expatriate musicians in Copenhagen, including a group with Kenny Drew and Ed Thigpen.  (As early as WW2, his prominence had led to his being among those rounded up by the Nazis, which led to solitary confinement for months in Berlin.)”

“Svend recorded for Arbors just a few years ago (“Makin’ Whoopee…and Music”) and would occasionally sit in locally, including a memorable Dick Hyman/Peter Appleyard concert where Svend was special guest, 4 years ago.  The past couple of seasons, a stroke has hampered his bowing arm; as he said the other day, ‘Well, I gave it about 90 years.’   And he is just a delightful cat.”

“Since its earliest days, the Jazz Club of Sarasota has given the Satchmo Award during the festival, to a long list of jazz greats.  This year’s finale on Saturday is Dick & Derek at the Movies, with Dick Hyman and Derek Smith.  (And happy 85th this week to Dick – he and Svend first played together on a Benny Goodman tour in 1950.)  The plan is to show some film clips to the crowd, of Svend with Toots, Goodman, etc., as he is given the honor before a sold-out house this weekend.”

International Jazz Day

UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador, and one of everyone’s favorite jazz pianists, Herbie Hancock has declared April 30 to be International Jazz Day. As announced in the Huffington Post, “The official kick-off will be on April 27 with an all-day program at UNESCO Headquarters in Paris that will include master classes, roundtable discussions and improvisational workshops. An evening concert will feature Hancock, Dee Dee Bridgewater, South Africa’s Hugh Masekela and Brazil’s Tania Maria, among others.”

Jazz Boston will be coordinating its Jazz Week with these festivities.

Ann Marie Moss, RIP

I waited all month for a proper obituary for the Singer Ann Marie Moss, but it never materialized. Ms. Moss was a highly regarded jazz singer and teacher. She worked with many well-established musicians, most notably Maynard Furguson and Jackie Paris. She died on February 29 in New York City. The following are links to the various biographies, all of them a little thin.

Canadian Jazz Archives
The Canadian Encyclopedia
Post at Reverberation by Rosanna Vitro with MP3s

Musical Instruments Allowed As Cary-ons

The FAA reauthorization was passed by the House of Representatives on Friday, February 3 by a 248-169 vote. It subsequently passed the Senate on Monday, February 6, 75-20.  The President is expected to sign the bill into law. Included in the bill are provisions that create a uniform national policy regarding musical instruments on airplanes. Any instrument that can be safely stored in the overhead compartment or underneath the seat may be brought on board as carry-on luggage.

Read the American Federation of Musicians article.

Quoting the Boston Musicians Association, AFM Local 9-535:

“Existing law used to allow each airline to set their own policy regarding musical Continue reading Musical Instruments Allowed As Cary-ons


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