BoMuse News, March 2021

BoMuse News, vol. 20, no. 3

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1. Videos & Streamed Concerts
2. Podcasts from CA Jazz Foundation
3. Arts Empower: Student Spotlight
4. Music In R Schools
5. Gigs

1. My hands are still too full with other stuff to get back to making videos. However, I hope to turn one out by next month’s issue on what I learned from the late Lee Konitz. I hope that by announcing this it will force me to get it done! (-:). Meanwhile I have inquiries out regarding the Pocket Big Band video I would like to share. I just need to make sure that I have the composer’s family’s permission.

While we wait until we can go to the concerts Chuck Perrin puts on under the name of Dizzy’s here in San Diego, Chuck has shared another video of a past concert from his archive. This one features Bill Caballero’s Bi-National Mambo Orchestra, a very big band with some of the area’s finest musicians.

While we are still cooped up, I hope you are enjoying the many streamed performances that are available. If I may, I would like to give a plug for the venues that will honor the bookings we had to postpone:
The Nash, in Phoenix, AZ
The Merc, in Temecula, CA
Bird & Beckett, in San Francisco, CA

2. The California Jazz Foundation has made me aware of their podcasts, Sonic Tonic, hosted by guitarist Greg Porée. The most recent is an interview with drummer Clayton Cameron. As described:

“This veteran Los Angeles based drummer, percussionist, producer, composer, educator, writer and historian has been a true pioneer in shaping the advancement of rhythm in music, especially in the genre of Jazz.  The interview follows his journey to becoming a master at his craft playing with such luminaries as James Brown, Christian McBride, Sammy Davis Jr. and Tony Bennett to name but a few.”

The podcast runs a little over 40 minutes. These are new to me and podcasts, in general, are something I have yet to really explore, but this is an excellent interview, well worth checking out.. There are others in this series.

3. If you are anyone you know is engaged with teaching art to young people, you won’t want to miss this on-line gathering I was alerted to by Pauline Crooks, the Visual and Performing Arts Coordinator for the San Diego County Office of Education.

“Living and working through a pandemic isn’t getting any easier, that’s why it’s so important to prioritize your needs so you can support others. Having a community of educators who understand what you’re going through can help too – that’s what the Arts Empower San Diego Mega Rally Encore: Student Spotlight is all about. For an hour on March 11, we’ll come together to lift each other up in a time that’s been pretty challenging and isolating. I look forward to seeing you there”

4. I just received this appeal for donations to help young musicians as they return to playing in their school ensembles.

“Dear Friends,

With the number of COVID cases finally decreasing, increased focus has turned to reopening schools around the region.   For students musicians, excitement is growing as they anticipate returning to their bands, orchestras and ensembles.  But playing a musical instrument – especially wind instruments – requires special protective equipment in order to protect the students and teachers from the spread of the virus.

Music in R Schools Foundation reached out to music teachers around Southern California a few weeks ago to find out how we could help them safely restart their programs and the answer was overwhelmingly a need for support to purchase PPE like specialized bell covers for wind instruments.  The cost to provide this equipment is about $25/student.  Altogether, requests from these schools totaled nearly $20,000.  Music In R Schools has allocated $6,000 from existing funds but our hope is to raise at least $10,000 more in the next few weeks to be able to provide assistance to every school who has requested our help.

We are turning to you because you have previously shown a commitment to music education.  Will you help us meet this goal and ensure that eager young musicians can return to their band and orchestra programs with the equipment they need to stay safe and healthy?

If you’re able to make a gift, thank you!  Any amount will make a real difference for these schools as they struggle to reopen.  We’re excited to announce that Bertrand’s Music has offered to match gifts from this campaign up to $1,000 through March 31, 2021.

Please make your gift today so that we can help these schools as soon as possible at

Music in R Schools Board of Directors”

5. Gigs
Having received my COVID-19 vaccine shots, it may be possible for me to get out and play some music before the month is out. We are still sorting things out, but I will post the gigs on my EVENTS page, and at All About Jazz. Please stay tuned.

As always, thank you for supporting LIVE MUSIC, however and whenever you can.