BoMuse News, February 2019

BoMuse News, vol. 18, no. 2

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  1. SDSCPA Ellington Band
  2. More on JEN Conferenc
  3. Website Update: Arrangements for Sale
  4. CD Update
  5. Gigs

1.The Ellington Band, the premier jazz band from San Diego’s School of Creative and Performing Arts, gave a superb performance at the Jazz Education Network Conference, in Reno, NV. In spite of bad colds, and having a 9:00 AM time slot, the students gave a very polished performance of the set they had prepared. So much so that the clinic judges had only very minor points to make to them after expressing their delight in what they heard. It should be noted that the band is made up of very few seniors. Dr. John Reynolds is also entering this band in the Essentially Ellington Festival competition. The SDSPCA band was one of 15 selected a couple of years ago, and we wish them all success in making a return visit to New York. I will keep you posted.

More on John Reynolds here.

2.As you may know, the Jazz Education Network, JEN, was started 10 years ago in the wake of the financial collapse of the International Association for Jazz Education. It holds an annual Conference for its members, that includes sessions on various topic of interest to the Jazz Education community, concerts by both professionals and students, and an exhibition of relevant products, as well as institutions to which student musicians would like to apply. I should note that it is my understanding that music education conferences are the only ones to which educators bring their students. This provides not only an opportunity for the the educators to hear the results of each other’s work, but for the students to interact with many teachers, and other students. This year’s conference was a good one for me in both the sessions I attended, and the networking I was able to get done. The only down side was he choice of venue, an enormous casino/resort/hotel in Reno, NV. Between the second hand smoke, and the close proximity to numbers of people mindlessly, in my opinion, playing slot machines, I and others did not think this a healthy environment for the youngsters in our care. Also the location was difficult to get to for too many of the exhibitors. That being said, it was in it’s size and facilities a good venue, and I would think this is why it was chosen. Having sat on committees tasked with finding a venue for a conference, I do understand the challenges facing those who have to make this choice.

3.One of the things I was able to get done at the conference was to check in with, who distribute the arrangements I have for sale. In the process of ejazzlines taking over for Otter Distributors, my original distributor, some of my arrangements did not make it on to my page at Since I have had an excellent relationship with the folks at ejazzlines, we were able to remedy the situation, and all the charts are listed there now. These are also listed in The Store section of my Website, and the links are all working now. Most of these are for “little big band,” having been written for my Pocket Big Band. There are also two big band charts, my CDs, including the Pocket Big Band’s “Live at Chit Chat,” and signed copies of Dameronia – the Life and Music of Tadd Dameron, which can be purchased through the site. These CDs are currently only available from me personally. Due to the expense of setting up a commercial site, the purchase of CD’s and books requires emailing me and arranging for payment, but I can accept payment via Pay Pal or Venmo

4.After the Conference I went to Phoenix to meet with Darby Christiansen of Summit Records. Summit will be releasing the Unknown Dameron CD in June, and we met to work out some of the logistics. By the time you read this the tracks will be in their final form, mixed and mastered, and we will be addressing the notes and artwork. I am proud and delighted to be releasing this project on the Summit label. There was a time, not too long ago, when I had given up hope of being able to present some of the little-known, and unrecorded tunes and songs of this great American musician. Thanks to the folks at KSDS who had me celebrate Tadd’s 100th birthday with a broadcast concert, I was able to make this happen.

5.Gigs: The Wednesday afternoon gig, 2:30-4:30, that Dene Davidson established at the Carlsbad Village Faire continues. Carlsbad Village Faire is located at 300 Carlsbad Village Dr., between Pacific Coast Highway and the railroad tracks. In addition Dene now has a gig at Tuesday evenings, 5:00 – 8:00, at Witch Creek Winery. I will join him on February 5 and 19.

Adam Wolff and I will return to the La Mesa Wine Works on Sunday February 24, from 1:30 to 4:30. The Wine Works is a lovely place to hang out on a Sunday afternoon, and we hope to see you there. See the details here.

If you are in Boston check the listings at Jazz Boston, visit the Facebook page for Jazz at the Tap, and the Seacoast Jazz Society Web site. In San Diego visit the Calendar section at Jazz88.3.

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