The 8 Canonical Tunes (1:30 minimum, 2:00 preferable):
There are eight of Dameron’s compositions that are pretty much known universally by most jazz musicians, and therefore qualify as part of the canon, along with many compositions by Miles Davis, Duke Ellington, Charlie Parker, Wayne Shorter, etc. as well as many American Songbook tunes. In this workshop we will meet these eight: “Good Bait,” “Lady Bird,” “Hot House,” “If You Could See Me Now,” “On A Misty Night,” “Our Delight,” “Soultrane,” and “Tadd’s Delight.” Participants learn their history and what makes them unique. Depending on how many participants there are, everyone should get a chance to play on one or two, and all will take home lead sheets, with accompanying notes.

Beyond The Canon – other worthy Dameron melodies (1:30 minimum, 2:00 preferable):
There many more tunes by Tadd Dameron to work with in a manner similar to the “8 Cononical Tunes” workshop. Depending on the time available, I would pick 6 to 8 of these from different periods of his work. For instance:
“A-La-Bridges,” “Don’t Forget It.” Early 1940s
“Zakat,” “Dameronia,” “Do-Bla-Bli,” Mid 1940s
“Dial B For Beauty,” “Mating Call,” 1950s
“You’re A Joy,” “Sando Latino,” 1960s

Dameron For Singers (1:30 minimum, 2:00 preferable):
One of the Dameron compositions in the canon is “If You Could See Me Now,” Written in 1946 and first recorded by Sarah Vaughan. This song is in the repertoire of many jazz singers, and probably recognized by nearly all of them. There are several more worthy songs by Tadd Dameron that singers should be aware of. In this workshop we will introduce as many as time permits.


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