BoMuse News, v16, n1. Item 4, Arts Education Update continued –

Last year, after I was elected Vice President of the SoCal Jazz Society, a call went out for volunteers to join the Governance Board of San Diego’s Arts Education Resource Organization (AERO). Given my new position and the fact that SoCal JS was a member of AERO, I joined the Governance Board. Since I committed to a three year term, I am continuing to work with AERO, even though I do not have an organizational membership. There is so much that needs to be done in the area of arts education, and activism in this area.

AERO is an interesting organization in that it exists without a budget. We do get some logistical support from the San Diego County Office for Visual and Performing Arts, which hosts our Web-site and shares some of its staff. It is hardly an understatement to say both of these are invaluable. However, the organization was started from within the arts education community in San Diego, and the aim is to be rooted in that community as much as possible, and meetings are held at facilities of the various member organizations that have conference space. The membership is made up of organizations and individuals who provide arts enrichment programs to the County’s schools. Some like the San Diego Opera, are quite large, some are individuals who have a program that they offer to the schools, and many are small to medium organizations like our late-lamented SoCal Jazz Society.

One of the member organizations of AERO, Arts For Learning, San Diego, may be able to help the SoCal artists-in-residence, who brought our program to so many children, continue the work that SoCal Jazz Society began. As they say “watch this space.”


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