BoMuse News, v16, n1. Item 2, Tadd Dameron’s Birthday Concert continued –

After the concert, I asked Derek if he would like to continue with this project. He agreed and we put together a San Diego rhythm section of drummer Richard Sellers, bassist Rob Thorsen, and pianist Kamau Kenyatta. Since Kamau is often very busy and out of town, Rob suggested the young pianist Hugo Suarez as his potential sub. We will be playing Dizzy’s, the concert series organized by Chuck Perrin, on Friday, September 8, and there will be more about that in the next issue. The plan is to use some of the tracks from February’s concert, and more recorded by this all San Diego band to present a CD of lesser-known and totally unknown music by Tadd Dameron sometime next year. As you may know already, I have collected as much of Dameron’s music as I could find, and there is so much here that deserves to be heard.

In line with this effort, there are plans for concerts of Tadd’s music here in San Diego, up in the Santa Barbara area, and in Washington DC. Earlier this year Tadd’s music was the focus of concerts at the New England Conservatory, and in his birthplace, Cleveland, OH. Saxophonist, music professor, and band leader Kent Engelhardt has been doing a lot to perform Tadd’s music, and Michael Kramer of the U.S. Army Blues jazz orchestra is planning the concert in in Washington DC. Up in Santa Barbara saxophonist and educator Les Rose is working up what he hopes will be a series of concerts featuring quintet, nonet, and big band performances, some including a singer. Here in San Diego the Gaslamp Quarter Jazz Orchestra is considering an all Dameron Concert this fall. I may have some Dameron performances in the San Francisco Bay area, but it is a little early to say more than that.

I have been helping these folks gather the music, and I am happy to say that more of his work is available commercially now thanks to Don Sickler and Second Floor Music, and the DuBoff brothers and eJazzlines.

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