Joe Civardone Memorial

The late trombonist Joe Ciavardone had asked me to help him write his memoir. Sadly, he died before we could do any more than some basic ground work. A biography of this eye-witness to and participant in jazz history in the post WWII era will be posted at this site, along with photographs and other memorabilia. Stay tuned.

Paul Combs in the news

There are three postings on various Websites involving me in the last few months. I finally have them linked here. In January I was interviewed by Professor Rich Falco, of Worcester Polytechnic Institute. A couple of years ago I was interviewed for a project by the Cambridge Historical Society regarding music in Cambridge. This project was finally completed in the spring of this year. Lastly, I was honored to present the prestigious Duke DuBois Humanitarian award to Eric Jackson of WGBH. You can now find links to these at the Articles About page.